Agriculture – The company has thousands of dunums on which it develops and grows agricultural grain. The company specializes in advanced agriculture, such as hydroponics, acuponics and more. The company initiates and manages agricultural projects in Israel and Europe.

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in a detached substrate without the use of feed through soil. This growth method has many advantages, including a short growth period compared to conventional agriculture, a sterile and pest free environment, avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and more.

Aquaponics is a symbiotic growth form of plants grown in aqueous environment in conjunction with fish in a recycling system. The guiding principle of the aquaponic system is that fish secretions are secreted into water as a byproduct that becomes toxic after a while to the fish that secrete them. In contrast, for plants, this water is a high quality fertilizer source. In the aquaponic system, the plants grow in a way that allows them to absorb the fish secretions from the water and use them as fertilizer and thus purify the water from the toxic ingredients to the fish. The water at this stage has returned to be clean and worthy of rearing to the fish pond and thus the cycle continues.